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  LAV CHIERÉ was Established in 2020 for the purpose of empowering positivity.  Our slogan “Wear Inspiration” is integrated in three ways...we are positive, inclusive and the best part, sustainable.

     Our spiritual based mental health brand connects individuals to communities around the globe through fashion, partnerships, blogging, and more! Our blog is one of the most important aspects of this connective channel that empowers inner confidence and is guaranteed to radiate your best self. With a mission to lead, teach, and encourage adolescence and young adults through positive psychology, LAV CHIERÉ is the best place for getting your mind and body on the path to success.

     We believe community care starts with you, which is why we donate a portion of every purchase to local and national organizations that support mental health. We strive to create a world full of positivity and equal opportunities therefore our brand reflects people of all shapes, colors, and sizes. No matter who you are, you matter to us so we’ve got you covered from head to toe in the most fashionable way, but our business doesn’t stop here.

     In efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, we choose to do business the environmentally friendly way because we believe in giving back to the environment, not just the people within it. We utilize eco-friendly resources in our entire manufacturing process and we continue to enhance our sustainability efforts daily.

     The vision of LAV CHIERÉ is to bring awareness to mental illness by investing in helpful resources that combat negativity and self destructive mindsets. We envision a world of positivity through education and collaboration for this generation and the future. 



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Meet Me

Meet Me




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Hey You!

My name is Nyla Chieré and I am the owner and editor of LAV CHIERÉ . Welcome to my blog, your overflowing source for positivity. A few fun facts about me are, I was awarded America’s Miss Georgia Sweetheart 2020, I have been an artist ever since I learned how to hold a pencil, I LOVE traveling, fashion, photography, and I strive to learn something new everyday. When it comes to LAV CHIERÉ, there are so many reasons why I felt compelled to start this business but the most prominent one is that I believe it is part of my purpose. Everything I have experienced thus far, whether good or bad, has led me to this chapter in my life and made me who I am. Just like you are who you are because of the life you were given and your unique perspective that only you can truly embody. I believe sometimes we are given bigger obstacles because God knows we are capable of conquering them. If I had not gone through some of my toughest moments and learned/grew from them, I would be lost. On my journey of spiritual awakening, I realized the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people and positive things. I decided to use my gift of art and passion for mental health awareness to inspire others who may feel like they are lost in life, who may need encouragement, or simply want to develop as an individual. Either way, whatever brings you here, I hope you can leave feeling a little more empowered and you understand you are never alone. 

Mission         Statement

Mission         Statement

To enhance the quality of one’s mindset, life, and community both physically and spiritually.  
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Positive Influence

You are capable of good influence with us

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We aim to reduce our ecological footprint by using local distributors and sustainable products

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A portion of every purchase is donated to mental health groups around the globe

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We appreciate diversity and uniqueness of cultures, body shapes, ethnicities, and more

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We are the only wellness  brand to incorporate mental health awareness in every product

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Psychology Research

We take pride in professionally educating

ourselves and community members,

so you can trust our advice

Core Values

Core Values

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